_Division III, 2023, RCM (Guelph Slo Pitch)

This League is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Royal City Beavers440087228+440.7204-0-0W4vs. Long Shots, 4-19 (W)
Long Shots6420812098+220.5504-2-0L1@ Royal City Beavers, 4-19 (L)
Just Missed It532066670-40.4853-2-0L1@ Long Shots, 12-27 (L)
Wilder Concepts422045770-130.4492-2-0L2vs. Long Shots, 30-26 (L)
Boomsticks31202292900.5001-2-0L2vs. Just Missed It, 11-10 (L)
Benchwarmers312023932+70.5491-2-0L1vs. Long Shots, 16-11 (L)
Line Drive312023149-180.3881-2-0L1@ Benchwarmers, 5-22 (L)
Diamond Ducks202002731-40.4660-2-0L2@ Line Drive, 13-14 (L)
The Isotopes202001650-340.2420-2-0L2vs. Just Missed It, 23-8 (L)
Regular Season
Royal City Beavers20145129430296+1340.5927-2-1L1@ Benchwarmers, 19-22 (L)
Wilder Concepts20146028343248+950.5808-2-0W3@ Just Missed It, 20-18 (W)
Benchwarmers20136127391245+1460.6158-1-1W3@ Line Drive, 19-2 (W)
Long Shots20137026347312+350.5275-5-0W1vs. Diamond Ducks, 11-14 (W)
The Isotopes20109121340361-210.4855-5-0L1vs. Line Drive, 23-22 (L)
Boomsticks20910119363354+90.5064-6-0L1@ Royal City Beavers, 5-21 (L)
Line Drive20812016303331-280.4783-7-0W1@ The Isotopes, 23-22 (W)
Just Missed It20515010316437-1210.4203-7-0L5vs. Wilder Concepts, 20-18 (L)
Diamond Ducks2021804180429-2490.2961-9-0L5@ Long Shots, 11-14 (L)