_Division II, 2023, RCM (Guelph Slo Pitch)

This League is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Superior Steel Roofing Systems761012138107+310.5636-1-0W5@ The Unit, 36-19 (W)
The Unit5320611195+160.5393-2-0L2vs. Superior Steel Roofing Systems, 36-19 (L)
Royal City Iron Pigs422048063+170.5592-2-0L1@ Superior Steel Roofing Systems, 13-19 (L)
Swamp Donkeys422045855+30.5132-2-0L1@ Superior Steel Roofing Systems, 15-16 (L)
Yankdeez422045864-60.4752-2-0L2@ Superior Steel Roofing Systems, 14-17 (L)
One Bad Fisher Cats Inning312022633-70.4411-2-0L1@ Royal City Iron Pigs, 12-16 (L)
Golden Retrievers312022836-80.4381-2-0L1@ One Bad Fisher Cats Inning, 4-9 (L)
Dukes202001729-120.3700-2-0L2vs. Golden Retrievers, 17-10 (L)
Black Sox202001549-340.2340-2-0L2vs. Swamp Donkeys, 20-6 (L)
Regular Season
The Unit20182036401192+2090.6768-2-0L1@ Black Sox, 6-21 (L)
Superior Steel Roofing Systems20154131337205+1320.6227-3-0L3@ The Unit, 6-21 (L)
Yankdeez20118123322257+650.5565-4-1T1vs. One Bad Fisher Cats Inning, 11-11 (T)
Royal City Iron Pigs20109121321308+130.5106-4-0L2vs. Black Sox, 17-13 (L)
Black Sox201010020333351-180.4876-4-0W2vs. The Unit, 6-21 (W)
One Bad Fisher Cats Inning20811117243313-700.4374-5-1T1@ Yankdeez, 11-11 (T)
Dukes20713014252369-1170.4065-5-0W1@ Swamp Donkeys, 11-7 (W)
Golden Retrievers20515010261378-1170.4082-8-0W2vs. Superior Steel Roofing Systems, 6-7 (W)
Swamp Donkeys2041608248345-970.4183-7-0L6vs. Dukes, 11-7 (L)