_Coed 2nd Tier, 2023, GT (Guelph Slo Pitch)

This League is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Vienna Sting541085544+110.5564-1-0W2vs. Bullies, 3-15 (W)
Win or Booze64208555500.5004-2-0L1@ Who Gives a $Hit, 7-9 (L)
Bullies431064737+100.5603-1-0L1@ Vienna Sting, 3-15 (L)
Hartec532065646+100.5493-2-0L1vs. Win or Booze, 8-7 (L)
Nifty Mittens321044131+100.5692-1-0L1@ Vienna Sting, 12-13 (L)
Who Gives a $Hit422043037-70.4482-2-0L1@ Vienna Sting, 8-11 (L)
Titan Uranus413024250-80.4571-3-0L3@ Win or Booze, 17-18 (L)
Hackers312023128+30.5251-2-0W1vs. The Pecan Sandies, 9-15 (W)
The Pecan Sandies312022529-40.4631-2-0L1@ Hackers, 9-15 (L)
Under Construction413022134-130.3821-3-0L1@ Hartec, 3-13 (L)
Can't Win 'em All312022219+30.5371-2-0L2vs. Under Construction, 1-0 (L)
The Sud's211022623+30.5311-1-0W1vs. Cobra Chickens, 10-18 (W)
Cobra Chickens202001230-180.2860-2-0L2@ The Sud's, 10-18 (L)
Regular Season
Vienna Sting20164032427186+2410.6979-1-0W6@ Nifty Mittens, 19-1 (W)
Who Gives a $Hit20135228343245+980.5837-3-0L1@ Win or Booze, 7-11 (L)
Bullies20126226315214+1010.5955-4-1W1@ Under Construction, 18-12 (W)
Can't Win 'em All20128024312311+10.5016-4-0W1vs. Cobra Chickens, 18-23 (W)
Nifty Mittens20119022286273+130.5126-4-0L1vs. Vienna Sting, 19-1 (L)
Hartec201010020326329-30.4985-5-0W1@ The Sud's, 29-20 (W)
Win or Booze201010020276271+50.5053-7-0W1vs. Who Gives a $Hit, 7-11 (W)
Hackers20910119292303-110.4912-7-1L1vs. Nifty Mittens, 26-13 (L)
Titan Uranus20910119281334-530.4574-6-0W1@ Bullies, 22-17 (W)
The Pecan Sandies20911018298326-280.4785-5-0L1@ Under Construction, 10-17 (L)
Under Construction20812016312320-80.4944-6-0W1vs. The Pecan Sandies, 10-17 (W)
The Sud's20515010256377-1210.4044-6-0L1vs. Hartec, 29-20 (L)
Cobra Chickens2031706212447-2350.3223-7-0L3@ Can't Win 'em All, 18-23 (L)