Constitution, Guelph Township Coed (Guelph Slo Pitch)




(Full version is located on the League website

(Amended February 2020)

The name of this league shall be: Guelph Township Coed Slo-Pitch League

o/u GOOD TO GO SLO PITCH, herewith called "the League".



1.   There will be no drugs or alcohol on the ball diamond or in the immediate area. Umpires may use their judgement to remove any player or spectator that they feel may be in violation of this rule.

2.   Noise in the parking area and on the streets will be kept to a minimum.

3.   All players and spectators will conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner.

4.   Profanity will not be tolerated. Any profanity that may be overheard by teams or spectators may result in ejection from the game.








The Executive will consist of 3 Formal positions. The President, Vice-President & Treasurer.
 The role of the Secretary will be shared by the three positions

      Past President will advise for a one year term.

The President elect must reside on the Executive for a minimum 1 year prior to becoming President.

The officers will be selected as is necessary each year by the current Executive.

The term of office is from December 1 through to November 31.

The Executive will receive an Honorarium for their duties each year.

Nominations for Executive positions can be presented to the President/Executive member in writing however, positions will be filled when/if the current Executive deem it necessary.



The main duties of the Executive consist of, but are not limited to the following:
1.   Deal with miscellaneous business not requiring a League meeting
2.   Rule on all protests. A committee of team reps will be appointed when necessary to assist with any ruling.
3.   Rule on violations of the League rules
4.   Appoint any temporary or permanent replacements to the League Executive
5.   Appoint any special committees
6.   Shall call and conduct all meetings and elections.
7.   Arrange schedules for opening and closing tourneys.
8.   Insure that the League Executive is performing its duties in the best interest of the League.
9.   Handle any business which may arise that is the responsibility of the Executive members.
10. Assist the statistician with coordination of scheduling diamonds/umpires for regular season.
11. Purchase trophies/prizes within limits set by the League budget.
12. To record all minutes of General, Executive or special meetings of the League.
13. To circulate these minutes prior to the next General, Executive or special meeting of the League.
14. To handle any correspondence concerning the League.
15. Handle all financial matters of the League, including budget, disbursement of funds and receiving of funds as shall be determined necessary by the League.
16. To report at all League meetings, the financial standings of the League.
17. To prepare a financial statement for distribution to the Executive.
18. To keep records of the League standings and statistics when necessary.
19. To make available records of such standings to teams no less than every 14 days, from the start of the season until the end of the regular season.
20. Monitor reporting of scores by the HOME team no later than 72 hours after the game and record fines for failure to do so.



1.   Each team will designate two (2) representatives.  Failure to provide at least one (1) rep to any meeting will result in a $25.00 fine imposed on that team subject to the discretion of the Executive.  Teams are reminded of the importance to have at least 2 team contacts listed, and preferably with different phone numbers.

2.   The League President must be notified, AND approve any change to team reps.

3.   Only one rep from each team may vote on any motion; however both reps may attend the meetings.

4.   Team reps will relay information from the League Executive to their players, and vice versa.

5.   Team reps will not only protect the best interest of their team, but will keep the best interest of the League as their priority.

6.   Team reps (HOME team) are responsible for ensuring that scores are reported within 72 hours after each game.

7.   If a team fails to send a representative to two League meetings, the status of that team in the League will be reviewed prior to the next season.

8.   Team reps will sign a waiver on behalf of the team prior to being eligible to play. Players under 18 years of age need parental consent. A consent waiver MUST be signed and presented to the Executive to be filed with PlaySloPitch. Players must be 16 years of age minimum.

Any player not registered, is not insured and CAN be removed from the roster by the EXECUTIVE.


1.      The first meeting is to set the League in motion for the coming season. Review League rules and deal with any other League business. Performance bonds must be topped up at this time. Team reps will also be designated at this time.
2.      The second meeting is to be held before League play begins, to distribute game schedules, balls and any other pertinent information. Teams will also pay in full all league fees.
3.   The Annual General Meeting will be held after the closing tournament.
4.   The President shall call meetings as often as he/she sees need for them, providing there is outstanding business to be dealt with.


      For the efficient operation of a League meeting, Roberts’ Rules of Parliamentary Order shall be in effect.


Each team shall have one vote at any League meeting. All issues will be voted on by a show of hands.

1.   A quorum shall be 50% plus 1 of Team Representatives eligible to vote in attendance.
2.   Motions passed without a quorum may be overturned by a simple majority vote at the next meeting.

A Team Representative may designate an alternate representative, or other team member, to attend meetings in his/her place.  Such alternate or other, shall have all rights and responsibilities of the designated Team Rep for that meeting.

Motions shall be moved and seconded by a team representative prior to discussion. A simple majority of votes is required to pass a motion. A vote of 2/3 majority must be achieved to reconsider a motion passed in the current year or to change any of the playing rules. A simple majority is required to pass or defeat the motion if reconsidered.

The President or his/her designate shall act as Chairperson for meetings.

            The President or his/her designate shall vote only to break a tie.

Each Team Representative or alternate and Executive member shall have speaking privileges at meetings, under the control of the Chairperson and in accordance with the recognized Rules of Order.


1.   Any suggested changes to either the League Constitution or the Rules of Play shall be made to the League President at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

2.   Changes to the Constitution will only be considered at the Annual General Meeting.

3.   Changes to the Rules of Play will be considered at any regularly scheduled League meeting.


Special committees shall meet as often as the Chairperson sees fit. 
Special committees shall report at any league meeting if the President requests a report.



1.   Protests must be filed at the point of occurrence if during a game.  The team coach must inform the umpire, who will mark it on their official score sheet. 

2.   The protesting team must make their protest in writing within 24 hours of the game, along with a $50.00 deposit to a member of the League Executive.

3.   The President will then arrange a meeting of the Executive and all parties involved where the protest will be resolved.  If the protest is lost, the $50.00 remains with the League.  If the protest is won, the $50.00 will be returned.

4.   Umpire judgment calls may not be protested.

5.   A team may protest an umpire's interpretation of the rules.  If a team disagrees with the interpretation, the captain shall call time. The umpire(s), and the two captains of the teams may discuss the rule, the Umpire may wish to consult the League rules and/or the Governing body rules and try to resolve the issue in an agreeable manner.  The umpires will not be required to reverse their call; however, they may wish to do so.  If the disagreement cannot be resolved, a team may notify the umpire that they are "continuing the game under protest" and this will be recorded on both score sheets.  If a team decides that the call affected the outcome of the game, they then must follow the procedures for a formal protest as outlined in Section PROTESTS, Item 2.

Any team which forfeits a game less than 30 days but more than 48 hours prior to game time shall be responsible for a $25 forfeit fine plus a $50 diamond fee-(Diamond fee will be credited to the Opponent).
Any forfeit within 48 hours of game time will result in a $50 fine and $50 diamond fee-(credit Opponent).
The score in either case will be recorded as 9-0

A forfeit shall be considered when:

1.   A team fails to field at least 8 eligible players, three of which must be female, at the start of the game, as outlined in Section GENERAL RULES, Item 14.  Game time will be specified on the schedule, as well as in Section TIMING.  There will be a 10-minute grace period.  If an injury occurs, the game may continue with no fewer than 8 players on the team, 3 of which must be women.

2.      A team fails to submit a team roster with REGISTERED PLAYERS to the online system (official roster) by the required date (May 1st).  This will result in the forfeit of all games, and a fine of $25.00 per game after the required date until the team roster is completed. The League fees include Association insurance; therefore, the roster must be submitted via the online system and will be used as the official team roster for League play. ALL players MUST individually register on the PlaySloPitch system and pay the appropriate registration fee. If fees are not paid, the player is not registered or insured and as such, not eligible to play. Roster changes will be allowed until the league-imposed deadline (mid July) as long as the player is added to the team roster and pays registration fees. Team reps are reminded that a player is required to play in 1/3 of the regular season games to be eligible to play in the closing tournament.

3.      A team uses illegal players. All games in which the player(s) participated will be forfeited and fines will be applicable.
NEW 2020- Teams are allowed to use a fill in player from another team from their Tier ONLY.

4.      The home team fails to supply bases (if needed), and provide one (1) new softball, as supplied by the League.

5.      An ejected player does not leave the field immediately when ordered to do so. A forfeited game shall be declared by the umpire in favor of the team not at fault.



1.   The Executive will deal with all fighting as it sees fit.  Penalties will be severe.  A three-game suspension will be the minimum.  A second offence will result in expulsion from the League.

2.   Failure of the HOME team to report the score to the website within 72 hours will result in a $25.00 fine. Scores should be submitted through the website. When not possible, score should be submitted via email to [email protected]

3.   There will be a $50.00 fine for N.S.F cheques.

4.   Any outstanding fines must be paid to the Treasurer before the playoffs.  Fines incurred during the playoffs must be paid at the meeting when keys are returned.

5.   Any team not paying their entry fee, deposit or performance bond by the required date will be expelled from the League immediately.  Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

6.   The fine for failing to turn off the lights (HOME TEAM) $100.00

7.   The failure of team reps to return city light keys at the league meeting will result in a $200.00 fine.

8.   Any abuse of umpires, UIC, Executive or other members of GTCSPL will be dealt with accordingly. Minimum 3 game suspension from ALL Guelph SloPitch Tiers of play (RCMSPL included).

9.   Any player ejected by an umpire shall receive an additional one game suspension, subject to further disciplinary action if deemed necessary, with said suspension to be served for that player’s team’s next GTCSPL game played. If a player plays in Sunday Tier as well as a Wednesday Tier or Tier 1, 2, or 3 team or a RCMSPL team, their suspension MUST be served on the team where the ejection occurred. The Executive shall have the power to suspend a player who is ejected for any reason, from any Guelph SloPitch League, for a minimum of one game to a maximum for life. A suspended player is required to sign the roster of his next game as a suspended player. The Executive will suspend further if they feel it necessary.


1.   Annual League fees will be determined at the first general meeting of the calendar year.

2.   League fees are payable in full at the last meeting before league play begins.

      The league fees for the 2024 season will be
$2100 for Wednesday Tier
$2300 for Tier 1
$2200 for Tier 2 and Tier 3
$1700 for Sunday Tier.

 All fees include the required $100 Builder fee. Teams must also pay a refundable $200 Performance Bond.
New teams to the League will pay a one-time $100 non-refundable registration fee. 


The League President and/or Statistician will determine Tier sizes based on ease of scheduling and competitive balance prior to the start of a season.

The top team in each Tier (1,2,3) at the end of regular season shall move up to the higher Tier.
The bottom team shall move down to the next lower Tier for the following year with the exception of Tier 3 which is not required to move to Wednesday Tier but can request the change if desired.
Wednesday Tier may be given allowances upon Executive approval due to the specific days of play but to keep the parity and equal competitiveness amongst the League, these teams should be moved to the next available higher Tier.
When applicable, Sunday Coed will move up and down through Tiers similar to as above.

These moves will help ensure an even calibre of play throughout the league.

Note: The League Executive can choose to move more than one team up or down a Tier in order to maintain an even calibre amongst Tiers while accommodating ease of scheduling throughout the Tiers. Winning team from Wednesday Tier and any other existing teams interested, will have first priority to fill any vacant spot in Tier 1, 2 or 3 if they were to come available. Any potential new teams will first be offered a spot in the Wednesday Tier or lowest Sunday Tier to promote growth of the league as a whole. If Wednesday Tier does not allow for addition and spots are available, then new teams, at the Executive's discretion, may join Tier 2 or 3 unless a higher Tier is requested and available.