_Coed C, 2022, GT (Guelph Slo Pitch)

This League is part of the 2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
Cujo's Cubs440084613+330.7804-0-0W4vs. Bullies, 5-13 (W)
Who Gives a $Hit642088158+230.5834-2-0L1@ Bullies, 4-8 (L)
Bullies532065249+30.5153-2-0L1@ Cujo's Cubs, 5-13 (L)
Win or Booze532066356+70.5293-2-0L1@ Who Gives a $Hit, 10-17 (L)
Nifty Mittens532066258+40.5173-2-0L1@ Win or Booze, 14-17 (L)
Vienna Sting422043639-30.4802-2-0L2@ Who Gives a $Hit, 2-15 (L)
Hackers312024845+30.5161-2-0L1@ Who Gives a $Hit, 13-14 (L)
Under Construction312022844-160.3891-2-0L2vs. Hackers, 19-14 (L)
Swingin' for Dingers312022641-150.3881-2-0L1@ Nifty Mittens, 2-12 (L)
Titan Uranus202001823-50.4390-2-0L2@ Nifty Mittens, 7-11 (L)
Spare Parts20200927-180.2500-2-0L2@ Who Gives a $Hit, 8-20 (L)
Hartec202001632-160.3330-2-0L2vs. Swingin' for Dingers, 17-11 (L)
Regular Season
Cujo's Cubs20145129376231+1450.6197-2-1W4vs. Under Construction, 6-15 (W)
Bullies20145129315221+940.5886-3-1W5vs. Titan Uranus, 14-18 (W)
Hartec20135228314242+720.5655-3-2L1@ Win or Booze, 12-13 (L)
Who Gives a $Hit20137026339253+860.5738-2-0W2vs. Vienna Sting, 6-23 (W)
Win or Booze20127125301267+340.5305-4-1L1vs. Nifty Mittens, 11-7 (L)
Vienna Sting20118123389295+940.5695-4-1L1@ Who Gives a $Hit, 6-23 (L)
Nifty Mittens20119022281244+370.5355-5-0W3@ Win or Booze, 11-7 (W)
Under Construction20911018278300-220.4815-5-0L1@ Cujo's Cubs, 6-15 (L)
Titan Uranus20812016272371-990.4234-6-0L2@ Bullies, 14-18 (L)
Hackers20514111277369-920.4290-9-1L1@ Nifty Mittens, 10-15 (L)
Spare Parts20515010184365-1810.3354-6-0W1@ Swingin' for Dingers, 17-12 (W)
Swingin' for Dingers2011813185353-1680.3441-8-1L6vs. Spare Parts, 17-12 (L)